Riviello M and Wirz A. Training courses on laboratory animal science: animal welfare is dependent on the education and training of researchers [abstract]. ALTEX. 2009;26(Special Issue):214. Abstract 85


The present study shows the results of our experience of three courses in "Laboratory Animal Science" for researchers. They were carried out at the Fondazione Santa Lucia-Centro Europeo di Ricerca sul Cervello in Rome. Each course consisted of 40 hours of theoretical and practical training for graduates in scientific subjects. The aim of these courses was to contribute to broadening knowledge and to training the users of laboratory animals in Italian and European laws, the biology of the species used, zoonosis, main animal pathologies, alternative techniques, animal welfare, etc. Of 74 students who attended the courses, 68.92% (N=51) were graduates in biological areas, 14.86% (N=11) in veterinary areas, 9.46% (N=7) in medical and chemical areas and 6.76% (N=5) in psychological areas. The course evaluations demonstrated that the students realized that theoretical knowledge of laboratory animal science and practical skills are of great importance both for animal welfare and for the success of their future research involving animal experiments. Training programs for research personnel are discussed as a key resource that must be part of an effective animal care and use program.

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