Virtual Ventilator

Producer: Keegan, Dr. R.D.

A 32-bit application designed for Windows that attempts to combine the simplicity of a static model with the advantage of an immediate user feedback to provide students with a realistic model/simulation of connecting their patients to a mechanical ventilator. The main screen is a depiction of a ventilator bellows, several ventilator controls, and several digital/analog displays. The patient’s weight, lung compliance and status (normal or with various degrees of lung pathology) can be set by the student, and so can the size of the ventilator bellows and its functional parameters (fixed or variable inspiration : expiration ratio, dynamic or static inspiratory time). The simulation allows students to change the patient’s ventilation parameters and observe the effect of these on the ventilator itself and on the patient they are ventilating. The breadth of different physiological conditions that the student may experience exceeds what may be achieved in a single live animal laboratory experience.


Medium: 3.5" disk System requirements: Windows only - Win95 or later, with any Pentium processor Price: Cost price Note: Version 1.2 currently available; version 2.0 (with several enhancements to the user interface and to the simulations) under production

Virtual Ventilator Virtual Ventilator