Veterinary Virtual Museum

Producer: Davies, Alexander S.

This database of images relevant to veterinary anatomy contains assorted digitised images that to date include: cat, chicken, dog, dolphin, emu, ferret, fur seal, guinea pig, horse, ostrich, ox, possum, pig, rabbit, red and sika deer, salmon, sea lion, sheep, trout, turkey, turtle and whale. At present containing nearly 400 records, it has an unlimited ability to expand. The fields set for users to search include: species (common categories such as ruminant, rodent and carnivore, combined with common names in English such as red deer, rat and turtle), code number, description (often referring to labels on the image), names of creators, reference to book specimen, journal article as applicable, date of creation and modification of entries. The images range from radiographs and other medical images such as X-ray and NMR digital tomography, to digital photographs of dissections, models, casts, skeletons, histological sections. Some records contain multiple images; for example, radiographs accompanied by colour overlays to explain skeletal structure at various angles. The result of a search appears as a series of thumbnail images that, when selected, are shown as full screen pictures with descriptions.



Medium: CD-ROM (under production)
System requirements: Windows, Macintosh
Price: €20.00
Note: copies will be available at cost early in 2003. The images will be free of copyright provided acknowledgement is given to the creators. It is hoped the database will grow as others contribute to it, and that in this way it will become a truly international resource