Veterinary Neurosciences

Producer: University of California (UC Davis)

This program provides students with an interactive neuroanatomical atlas. Structures of the canine brain can be examined in high-resolution, 8-bit colour, myelin stained, transverse sections. Analogous gross sections of the sheep brain are instantly available with the click of a button. A variety of additional gross views are also provided. Both histological and gross views have interactive highlighting labels which allow the student to learn over 100 structures by either directly clicking on the image or on the structure’s name in a text list. A ‘Find’ command gives instant access to a particular structure. Nine additional modules present the major somatosensory, motor and visual pathways. A series of colour graphics trace the names and locations of the neural tracts and relay nuclei from the origin to the termination of each pathway. The modules are fully integrated with the atlas providing access to histological or gross views of any point along the pathway.



Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Macintosh only - Macintosh Power PC with 24 MB RAM, thousands colours or greater, 800 x 600 screen resolution
Price: US$65.00