Preparation of the Labyrinth of the Small-Spotted Dogfish

Producer: IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH

 In this dissection, the chondrocranium of the dogfish is cleaned from the skin and adhering muscles from above. By cautiously working with a scalpel, thin superficial layers of the cartilage are cut away until the holes of the 3 semicircular ducts are exposed. The rest of the preparation is done by means of pointed steel forceps which are used for cutting or breaking the cartilage away. In the final sequence, the results of the preparation are displayed: the 3 semicircular ducts together with 3 ampullae and the utriculus in their natural spatial arrangement.


Language: German
Year of production: 1985
Format: VHS, CD-ROM, DVD
Running time: 12 mins.
Price: €5.56 (VHS), €6.95 (CD-ROM), €14.80 (DVD)