Morphology and Reproduction of Hydrozoa

Producer: IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH

    Demarcation of the Hydrozoa from the Anthozoa, Scyphozoa and Cubozoa. Morphology of the hydroid polyps, vegetative reproduction, division of labor (tentacular, defense, nutritive and reproductive polyps), medusa formation (metagenesis), sexual reproduction, reduction of the medusa generation. Species shown: Leuckartiara, Gonothyrea, Clava, Coryne, Cladonema, Eirene, Hydra, Gonionemus, Thecocodium, Aglaophenia, Hydractinia, Rathkea. With time-lapse cinematography.


Language: German, English, Spanish, French
Year of production: 1989
Format: DVD
Running time: 18 mins.
Price: €24.90