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Intestinal Motility

Producer: Sheffield BioScience Programs

A highly interactive program to teach the principles of intestinal motility using isolated rat colon. Introduction and Methods use a combination of text and high resolution colour graphics, as well as an animated section, to describe the nervous control of intestinal longitudinal and circular muscle, the apparatus used to measure longitudinal muscle activity and the propulsion of fluid through the gut. The Experiments section allows users to investigate the action of a range of drugs (acetylcholine, carbachol, neostigmine, atropine, adrenaline and a laxative - phenolphthalein) on the preparation. The action of each drug, or drug combination, is demonstrated on basal activity and on the peristaltic reflex response induced by raising the intraluminal pressure and is presented in high resolution graphics on a simulated chart recorder display which shows longitudinal muscle tension and fluid propulsion (measured from a drop counter).


Medium: 3.5" disk; CD-ROM System requirements: MS-DOS Price: £120.00 (departmental multiuser/network licence; includes documentation - program manual and, where appropriate, student’s workbook and tutor’s notes - and postage)

Screenshot of Intestinal Motility Screenshot of Intestinal Motility