DASIE Surgical Model

Producer: DASIE

New improved DASIE (Dog Abdominal Surrogate for Instuctional Exercises) produced in 2009 has a faux-suede outer skin to practice skin sutures with a layer that allows to practice intradermal closure. It has vessels to allow practicing vascular ligation, a layer
that represents the subcutaneous fat as well as an abdominal wall layer. Inside the DASIE is a foam intestine that
 can be used to practice end-to-end anastomosis or incision and closure of a hollow organ.

A DVD film demonstrating the use of the DASIE is under production.



Medium: Simulator

Price: US$24.95 each (excl. postage) Note: See also DASIE Video under Video

DASIE whole DASIE layers DASIE inside DASIE layers DASIE tape DASIE vessel DASIE end

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