5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad w/o Vessels

Producer: SurgiReal

The 5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad combines several layers that mimic closely what one would find in a real abdominal wall. The layers are reinforced to tolerate tension and pulling while suturing and practicing other procedures.

Training Applications: Suturing, Knot Security & Burying.

Used for both medical and veterinary surgeon training, as well as training for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

  • Re-Usable at least 10 Times
  • Multilayer Includes: Epidermis, Subcutaneous, Fascia, Muscle
  • Non-toxic, Non-hazardous Silicone Mixtures
  • No Special Storage Needs
  • Special orders can be placed
  •  Sizes avalible: 8x10 cm, 10x16cm, 20x25 cm
  • Colors available: Dark Skin Tone and Light Skin Tone (with or without Mole)

Price: 8x10 cm - $39.99,  10x16cm - $59.99, 20x25 cm - $99.99.

5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad 5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad 5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad 5-layer RealLayer Suture Pad

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