Bol'shakov OP. The place and the role of topographic and clinical anatomy in the modern system of higher medical education. Morfologiia. 2008;133(1):7-19

PMID: 19069408


Modern data on studying and teaching topographic and clinical anatomy in Russia and in the foreign countries at the boundary between the XX and the XXI centuries are analyzed. Definitions of some concepts are given; methodological and organizational bases of studying topographic and clinical anatomy are examined in historical aspect. Various approaches to the teaching and studying of these disciplines in different countries, are demonstrated. Special attention is given to the use of new technologies in teaching; the experience of virtual mode of studying of applied anatomy and surgical techniques is critically evaluated. Article presents author's own opinion and analyzes the conceptions of the foreign authors on the necessity of rational combination of computer and other modem technologies with traditional methods of work using biological materials and experiments on laboratory animals. The longstanding experience of the departments of operative surgery and clinical anatomy is summarized and the benefits of the national system of teaching of applied (topographic and clinical) anatomy are shown. Modem tendencies and priorities in the development of topographic and clinical anatomy are demonstrated.