ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure & Function v.1.1

Producer: Digital Frog International, Inc.

The program tackles a complex subject, makes it interesting and facilitates learning. Cells and their components are brought to life for middle and secondary school students with inquiry-based learning that both engages and informs. Stunning 3D models and excellent photographs clarify difficult concepts. Detailed information is available on specific organelles with fascinating insights on how these affect the student.Inquiry-based learning is supported by three interactive exercises: Build-a-Cell: Selecting from over 20 structures, students can build a plant, animal and prokaryotic cell. They must consider the role of each component in creating a fully functioning cell. Support information is provided for each cell structure, with interesting facts, stunning 3D models, photographs and micrographs to enhance engagement. Linking Structure and Function:Provided with eight separate cellular functions, students must select the relevant organelles that allow a plant cell to perform that function.Cell specialization:Evaluation of data sets on cell composition and an understanding of the varied nature of different cell types come together in this exercise that has students again consider how different cells fill differing roles. Also the Cell Structure & Function has a range of standard features from built-in assessment to definitions for every word. It also has full accessibility, allowing the program to be used by students of all abilities, including the blind and physically-challenged. Text-to-speech, captioning, full keyboard control and even compatibility with switch devices are all included in the standard program. Cell Structure & Function is intended for use as supporting material to be used in conjunction with your current textbooks and other teaching materials.


Medium: CD-ROM
Year of production: 2009
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP or Vista, with Pentium II (Pentium III recommended), 32 MB RAM (64 or more recommended), 75 MB of hard drive space for QuickTime; Macintosh G3 300 with CD drive, Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later with 30 MB RAM
Price: US$49.00 (Single User License includes public performance rights); US$122.50 (Lab Pack 5 includes five single-user CDs with public performance rights); US$185.00 (lab pack of 10); US$399.00 (Building Site Licence - unlimited number of computers plus make up to twenty copies of the CD to loan out for home use)