Lacerated Horse CAL

Producer: The LIVE Centre

What is this CAL?
This Computer Aided Learning (CAL) package is aimed at veterinary students to consolidate their knowledge of lower limb equine anatomy, assess case management skills and evaluate their knowledge of wound management, dressing and bandaging.

Using the real case scenario of a lacerated horse, this programme encourages students to take a systematic approach to managing the case based on their knowledge and experience. Students are guided throughout the scenario with a range of instructional tutorials, practical activities and active learning tasks. By taking advantage of various media types including: video, diagrams, photos, animation, voice-over and text, students are exposed to various learning stimuli to enhance their learning experience.

CAL Delivery
By making this CAL package available online, students have flexible access to the learning materials in a non-threatening environment, whether via the internet or directly in the CSC. Students are able to practice as many times as they like, away from the potentially stressful clinical environment, without any detrimental effects on the animal, owners, themselves or colleagues.

Although delivered online, we highly encourage students to access the programme in the CSC because they have the additional access to the associated bandaging equipment and model horse.


Lacerated Horse CAL