Stimulus Response

Producer: ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour)

This video program looks at behaviour in farm animals. Pigs show how they perceive stimuli in the first moments of life. Hens run obstacle courses and show that they have the mental co-ordination to learn from videos. Calves make us aware of their internal as well as external effectors, and we see the ways in which these animals are able to respond to the stimuli in their environment. All these steps are made memorable by familiar animals revealed as they have never been seen before.


Language: English, German; other language versions are also being developed
Year of production: second edition 2000
Running time: 26 mins.
Price: £5.00 (ASAB members); £10.00 (non-ASAB members), incl. postage and a 12-page booklet with notes and exercises