Rieg T, Löblein CM. The regulations concerning animal experiments in education by the German Animal Rights Law. ALTEX. 1995;12(2):59-69

PMID: 11178417


The German constitution (1948) states that University professors have the complete freedom in the choice of aims and means for their teaching, and that no other law or regulation may restrict this freedom. This unconditional academic freedom ("akademische Lehrfreiheit") comes into conflict with the more recent Animal Rights Law ("Tierschutzgesetz") which e.g. restricts the use of animals for demonstration purposes. The following dissertation explains the regulations concerning animal experiments in education, the question of the protection of animals as guaranteed in the constitution, and possible ethical limits of the academic freedom. Very recently an Animal Protection Authority has issued an order for forestall animal experiments in teaching. This official attempt has now been annulled by a temporary injunction of the Administrative Court, Kassel.

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