Quentin-Baxter M, and Dewhurst D. An interactive laser video disc to teach the functional anatomy of the rat. Journal of Biological Educ.1995;29(1):34-9.


This, article describes an interactive laser video disc designed as a high-quality learning aid to teach the functional anatomy of the rat for students of biology at high-school/undergraduate level. It covers, in
detail, five areas of a rat dissection (external features, abdomen, thorax, neck, and head), and also contains a large number of histological sections which illustrate the cellular detail of many mammalian tissues. The text and high-quality, digitized images presented on a computer screen are supported by high-quality, full screen, full colour moving video sequences on a separate video monitor. The images are organized within a HyperCard stock and are supported by a large amount of on-line, Hypertext information, describing the functional anatomy of the rat which is accessed' in an highly interactive way. The software, allows full control over the laser disc and offers facilities such as three levels of magnification of certain images, views of the dissection from both above and the side, and the opportunity to interchange views from animals of either sex. The software program may also be edited by the teacher and is easily extended or customized for a specific function. It is anticipated that this package will be used in a student centred way, with students directing the content and sequence of material presented to them. The material described may supplement actual animal dissection and, in some instances, provide a realistic alternative means of achieving many of those learning objectives traditionally addressed by performing a mammalian dissection.