Rudas P. Hypermedia in veterinary education. [Conference Paper] In Hencsey G. & Renner G. (Eds.) Proceedings of 3rd Annual International Conference and Exhibition on CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM. Applications for Manufacturing and Productivity. 1993 Sep;212-8


Several veterinary educational organisations have formulated declarations about the need for decreasing information overload and increasing teaching efficiency. At the same time university policies have changed under the pressure of decreasing funding and increasing requirements of the society. Teacher/student ratio is decreasing, quality research is demanding more and more time and effort. These facts have changed our thinking about the way we teach. Lecture with its unidirectional information is not anymore the optimal solution for effective teaching. Therefore teaching of concept and skill together can only be done efficiently in an interactive environment. The paper considers how interactive multimedia and hypermedia seems to be a solution to these problems (0 References).