Schindler S. Foundation Animal free Research: Current Activities and Future Goals. ATLA.2012;40(4):A58.


As in previous years, the foundation Animalfree Research (AfR) has pursued activities in the field of replacement and reduction of animal experiments on a scientific, public and political level. Nanotoxicology has remained one of our core interests; a presentation on the opportunities and risks of nanomaterials aimed at the general public was held in April 2011 at the University of Zurich. The main topic was, of course, the issues of animal experiments in this field with regard to animal welfare as well as to science. Other activities comprised, for example, a response to the EFSA statement on the planned required animal testing of nanomaterials in food and feed, which was published in ATLA, and the conception of a study that intends to examine the feasibility of integrated testing strategies (ITS) for nanomaterials, starting in the course of this year. In addition, we are proud that one of our major projects will be concluded in 2012; the development of an in vitro assay for the testing of residual toxicity of tetanus vaccines has been completed. If it is validated successfully, this alternative method will replace animals in a widely used and potentially highly distressing test. In order to further strengthen the use and implementation of Three R methods in Switzerland, our foundation is planning to launch an information center on alternative methods. Its activities will include offering advice for researchers, education and information for students and teachers, and the active participation in the legally required courses at the University of Zurich. In a similar vein, we will continue our work in the various organisations and working groups, with the goal of continuously aiding and enforcing the implementation and use of alternatives to animals.

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