Videoclips 1, 2, 3

Producer: British Pharmacological Society

The Videoclips series collects together short (1-5 mins.) videoclips showing various aspects of pharmacological topics. This material is designed for illustrating lectures or to be used as the starting point for tutorial teaching. It is collected from several sources, is of variable quality and some is clearly ‘dated’. The material is not designed to be viewed by unsupervised students, or in a self-teaching context. Videoclips 1: Epilepsy; Myasthenia gravis; Hyperthyroidism. Videoclips 2: Rat and mouse drug-induced behaviours (including the 5-HT syndrome in the rat). Videoclips 3: Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; Morphine and naloxone in the rabbit.


Year of production: 1995
Format: VHS PAL
Price: Each volume £25.00 (UK Higher Education only); £125.00 (others)