Veterinary Physiology

Producer: Szent Istvan University

This is the first comprehensive veterinary physiology multimedia CD–ROM. It aims to serve 3 needs. First, it can be used as a teaching material in the lecture theatre by the professor, since the material follows the ‘writing with chalk on a blackboard’ principle. Second, it can serve the needs of a student who prefers learning independently, since all the sketches can be unfolded step by step throughout the material. Third, it allows self-testing, since it contains an extensive multiple-choice question repertory for each chapter. Based on an experience of more than 6 years in multimedia teaching, the author included approximately 900 pages of textual information, 1,000 figures  that can be displayed step by step, 200 animations, 60 short video-clips, 50 summary tables on physiological data, 2,000 multiple-choice questions. Fast and easy navigation and orientation are ensured by a series of tools including the quick-map, the glossary, the list of abbreviations, the navigation buttons, and the help and info sections.

Produced by the late Prof Dr Peter Rudas.


Language: Hungarian, English, German, Spanish Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows 3.x/95 (best), Windows 98 (not so good), Windows NT (not recommended); minimum 2 MB HDD space, mins. 16 MB RAM, mins. 8X CD-ROM drive speed recommended Price: €35.00 (Spanish); US$60.00 (other languages); excl. postage. Special rates available for large orders