Small Intestine Simulator

Producer: SurgiReal

This is a small intestine simulator for the practice of end to end, side to side, end to side and functional end to end anastomotic techniques.


· Stapling techniques

· Suturing techniques

· Tissue handling


· The SIS has 2 layers

· It is non- allergenic (has no latex)

· Produces a realistic tissue handling response

· It is easy to store and to use

· Does not disintegrate or desiccates if left unpackaged

· Can be conveniently used in any place of your choosing (school or home)

· Can be tested for integrity of the anastomosis seal with water


· Outside diameter: 20mm

· Inside diameter: 15mm

· Length: Two segments of approximately 41 cm each


Price: $96.25

Small Intestine Simulator Small Intestine Simulator

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