Simulations of Pharmacological Experiments on the Rabbit Jejunum (v3.0)

Producer: COACS (Commercial and Academic Services), Ltd.

This package, developed at the Welsh School of Pharmacy (UK), extends the work covered in the Guinea Pig Ileum package (see previous entry). The experimental section outlines the equipment and techniques used and explains the differences between the two tissues. The package provides a brief, overall review of the activities of the autonomic nervous system and proceeds to consider its specific activity in the rabbit jejunum. The significance of using rabbit jejunum tissue in demonstrating the activities of the autonomic nervous system is explained. The classification and mechanism of action of the sympathetic and parasympathetic receptors together with other receptor types found in the jejunum, such as histamine, 5-HT and adenosine is considered. A range of suitable agonists and antagonists are provided which permit the student to construct dose response curves which demonstrate the relative affinity of adrenergic agonists for specific adrenoceptors. The use of specific agonists and antagonists to differentiate between muscarinic and nicotinic receptors is explored. The activities of histamine, 5-HT and adenosine in the jejunum are demonstrated together with their specific antagonists.


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