Simulated Anterior Tibialis - Sciatic Nerve Preparation

Producer: British Pharmacological Society

This program simulates the effects of various drugs on the skeletal muscles and motor nervous system of a laboratory animal. It can be used to teach the actions of depolarising and non-depolarising neuromuscular blockers, to teach about the interactions between drugs which affect transmission at the neuromuscular junction, to provide experience in the design of experiments, or to generate data for subsequent practice of data handling and data interpretation skills. A wide range of drugs which act at the neuromuscular junction can be injected (normally intravenously, but some also close intraarterially) and since this is an in vivo preparation they will only gradually wear off. Electrical stimulation can be applied at 0.05 Hz, 0.5 Hz, as a brief tetanus (at 30 Hz for 5 secs.), or switched off completely. The sequence and dose of drugs employed is entirely in the hands of the user. It is possible to move backwards and forwards in the experimental record to review results obtained previously in the current experiment. A great variety of experiments can be performed, tailored to the requirements of basic or advanced students. The simulation is embedded in an authorware teaching package providing pharmacological information about the systems involved.


Year of production: Revised 2002 Medium: CD-ROM; world wide web System requirements: CD-ROM version Windows only; internet version both Windows and Macintosh Price: £75.00 (UK Higher Education only); £250.00 (others); £950.00 (whole Simulations Suite: Mouse Watch; Rat Blood Pressure; Simulated Anterior Tibialis - Sciatic Nerve Preparation; Simulated Vascular Rings; Simulated Water Maze). Prices include full multiuser site licence for unlimited copies, tutor’s guide, and telephone support. For internet version price please contact the source Note: This program (without the authorware teaching package) is also available from PIDATA, on 3.5" disk, for Windows only (all versions); price £299.00 (multiuser, department licence for unlimited copies); year of production: 1996