Sanitary CPR Dog

Producer: Nasco, Inc.

The CPR Dog comes in two versions, Basic and Advanced, both including a soft carrying case, 6 muzzles, 10 nosepieces with a one-way valve, and three lower disposable airway. The muzzles may be disinfected and reused, while the nosepieces and lower airways are disposable. In addition to practice in assisted breathing, students may practice the appropriate rate, pressure, and position of cardiac massage, and co-ordinate the respiratory and cardiovascular functions. For more advanced training, an IV can be established as well as placement of an endotrachial tube. The Advanced CPR Dog is connected to a small box that shows a green light when the correct ventilation pressure is applied; a blue light indicates correct position for cardiac massage, a white light indicates correct pressures, and an audible beep and a red light indicates excessive pressure. A visible chest rise appears when correct ventilations are applied.


Medium: Mannekin
Price: US$795.00 (Basic Sanitary CPR Dog); US$1295.00 (Advanced Sanitary CPR Dog); US$65.00 (pack of 6 replacement muzzles); US$65.00 (pack of 10 disposable lower airway); US$94.95 (pack of 10 disposable nosepieces)