Producer: METI (Medical Education Technologies, Inc.)

Children are not small adults. And the nuances of paediatric care cannot be adequately learned on small mannekins hooked up to adult simulation programs. There are minute but crucial differences that make pediatric medicine uniquely challenging - distinctions in anatomy, reactions to drugs, types of injuries and underlying physical conditions. Just as the HPS (Human Patient Simulator) relies on highly precise computer modeling of human physiology and pharmacology, the PediaSim operates on the basis of delicately calibrated mathematical equations that mirror the parameters and responses of the young patient. With METI’s flexible ‘plug-and-play’ system design, the PediaSim can interface with any HPS model as an accessory, or be purchased as a stand-alone simulator. For more details, see HPS (Human Patient Simulator)


Medium: Simulator
Price: On request (see website for regional distributors)