The Marine Life Series

Producer: Ventura Educational Systems

A comprehensive series of 4 programs, suitable for comparative anatomy and marine biology studies. Graphically illustrated lessons present basic information on the topic. A database of structures and functions is linked to the graphic, which allows students to investigate the parts of the animal and to retrieve information about the biological structures and their functions. Researchers from marine biology centres in San Diego, California, provided some of the information presented in this program. Quizzes generate multiple choice or true and false questions based on the lessons. A Teacher's Guide provides additional activities. All 4 programs are included on one CD–ROM: 1. Anatomy of a Fish covers the external, internal, and skeletal structures of a bony fish; 2. Anatomy of a Shark presents the external, internal, and skeletal structures of the shark; 3. The Life Cycle of a Sea Lamprey presents the life cycle and anatomy of the sea lamprey; 4. Marine Invertebrates presents information on the sponge, sea anemone, clam, and starfish.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: DOS, Windows, Macintosh Price: US$59.95 (single user); US$129.95 (lab pack of 5); US$279.95 (lab pack of 15); US$429.95 (lab pack of 25); US$595.95 (building licence)