Images of Advanced Level Biology

Producer: AVP

An interactive resource of micrographs, videoclips and animations of topics relating to advanced level biology. Text descriptions and voice-overs make the key teaching points of each image. Includes over 50 sequences of light micrographs sub-divided into broad areas for convenient access. Step, zoom and inspection ‘tour’ functions are available for specimens. A series of micrographs show changes in the state of specimens over time. Ideal as a whole-class teaching resource and for individual private study.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows only (all versions) Price: Single user - £51.50 / US$79.83 (excl. VAT), £60.51 / ~ €103.00 (incl. VAT); pack of 3 CD-ROMs - £99.96 / ~ US$154.94 (excl. VAT), £117.45 / ~ €200.00 (incl. VAT); pack of 5 CD-ROMs - £135.27 / ~ US$209.67 (excl. VAT), £158.94 / ~ €270.00 (incl. VAT). Prices incl. VAT apply to orders from the EU, prices excl. VAT apply to orders from the rest of the world

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