Hereford Dystocia Simulator

Producer: Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

This full size Hereford Dystocia Simulator features accurate anatomy and details.

The simulator includes:

  • Steel reinforced epoxy/fiberglass construction, with water resistant components for easy cleaning.
  • Recycled plastic base.
  • Matching calf included.
  • Adjustable pneumatic uterine and calf support system, with pump.
  • Clear vinyl uterine bag.
  • Soft, durable perineum panel to allow palpation and birth simulations (chaining, pulling, dystocia).
  • Soft removable tail.
  • Includes a large access hatch for easy calf positioning and viewing, and functional udder with milk tank with ability to have mastitic milk introduced in any quadrant.
  • Padded foetal extractor, obstetric chains and head snare.
  • Landing mat (to prevent damage to calf).
  • Polyurethane pelvis replica.

Replaceable parts: 

  • Birthing pireneum panel
  • Uterine Bag
  • Tail
  • Teats
  • Calf

Dystocia calf model features:

  • Fully articulated steel skeleton, with ribcage, vertebrae, pelvis and spine.
  • Skull with movable jaw, teeth, soft palate, tongue and soft eye sockets, oesophagus.
  • Reinforced ears and forelegs with durable hooves to allow chaining.
  • Soft tail and palpable anus. Realistic movements.
  • Durable and flexible skin.
  • Correct breed colouration.
  • Weight: 50 lb. 

Comments & References: Correct breed colouration, with durable polyurethane clearcoat. Made of waterproof/water resistant material to allow use of biological materials. Easy to clean. 

Price: Please contact supplier.

Hereford Dystocia Simulator Hereford Dystocia Simulator

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