The Frog Gastrocnemius Muscle - Sciatic Nerve Preparation (v3.0)

Producer: COACS (Commercial and Academic Services), Ltd.

This preparation is a classical physiology model used to introduce undergraduate students in a wide range of scientific disciplines to the underlying principles of nerve conduction and skeletal muscle contraction. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Experimental set-up; 3. Recruitment; 4. Summation; 5. Tetanic contraction; 6. Fatigue; 7. Conduction velocity. The preparation had previously been the subject of a CAL package, which did not have the advantage of multimedia programming techniques. That program based the simulation on the use of electronic recording equipment. It was felt that a representation of the older mechanical equipment would give students a clearer appreciation of the underlying principles, without having to undergo the frustrations associated with setting up such equipment. Consequently, the kymograph has been resurrected as an animation. Animations are used throughout and students are provided with a simulated stimulator and nerve - muscle preparation with which to explore the effects of increasing voltage and frequency. Concepts addressed in this exercise are as follows: the structure and recruitment of motor units (motor neurone + the muscle fibre/s innervated); the generation of tetanic contraction to yield fused smooth responses in skeletal muscles; summation of muscular contractions; nerve and muscle fatigue; the velocity of nerve impulse conduction. The package has been developed at the Welsh School of Pharmacy (UK).


Medium: CD-ROM

System requirements: available in Windows and web/intranet versions. The Windows version (compatible with Windows 95/98/NT) is supplied on a CD-ROM installation disk and can be installed to a local hard disk or network drive; requires a PC with minimum 100 MHz Pentium processor, 8 MB RAM and a VGA monitor capable of displaying 16-bit colour at 640 x 480 resolution. The web version is supplied on a CD-ROM installation disk for installation to a web server and runs on PC clients only; requires a 200 MHz Pentium processor with 32 MB RAM and a SVGA monitor capable of displaying 16-bit colour at 800 x 600 resolution; it is compatible with both Netscape Navigator 4.x and Internet Explorer 4 or better and requires Java and JavaScript to be enabled on browsers

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