Digital Frog 2.5

Producer: Digital Frog International, Inc.

This fully interactive program integrates a complete spectrum of multimedia technologies - full-motion (and full-screen) video, animation, sounds, narration, in-depth text, still images and formative assessment quizzes - to provide students with an excellent tool for learning about frog anatomy, physiology and ecology. The ‘Dissection’ module allows students to perform an entire frog dissection. They can make cuts with a ‘digital scalpel’ and then see the actual cuts with full-screen videos. The ‘Anatomy’ module, with its animation, movies, photographs and in-depth text, seamlessly linked to the dissection, provides a close-at-hand research as students work through the dissection. At the same time, the detailed animations (including 3D) and interactions allow students to see how the frog’s body works - from blood pumping through the heart, to joints that can be built up and moved by the user. Human anatomy comparisons highlight differences between frogs and humans. The ‘Ecology’ section rounds out the educational experience by giving students insight into species diversity, frog calls, behaviour and the life cycle. The program has an integrated dictionary with more than 3,000 definitions and over 700 pronunciations. It also includes integrated text-to-speech feature that supports slow readers and auditory learners, and has automatically checks for updates.

** FRENCH version also available


Medium: CD-ROM

Year of production: 2009

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP or Vista, with Pentium II (Pentium III recommended), 32 MB RAM (64 or more recommended), 75 MB of hard drive space for QuickTime; Macintosh G3 300 with CD drive, Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later with 30 MB RAM

Price: US$85.00 (Home Version - 1 CD, workbook materials in electronic formats ); US$155.00 (Single Educational Version - 1 CD, workbook materials in electronic formats); US$884.00 (Building Site Licence - unlimited plus make up to 20 copies to loan out for home use, workbook materials in electronic formats)

Digital Frog 2.5 Digital Frog 2.5 Digital Frog 2.5 Digital Frog 2.5 Digital Frog 2.5