Cytotoxicity Training and Assessment

Producer: COACS (Commercial and Academic Services), Ltd.

A CD-ROM training package developed for healthcare professionals who care for patients undergoing cytotoxic chemotherapy. The package aims to provide professionals with a basic understanding of the principles of chemotherapy and the health and safety aspects of the clinical use of cytotoxic agents.

Following incidents in mis-administration of chemotherapy, this program was developed as a training aid for junior doctors. It has, however, been found useful as a training programme for doctors, pharmacists, technicians and nurses working with cytotoxics. By working through the interactive modules a basic training is available designed to improve the practitioner's skills. The user can enter any part of the programme by clicking on buttons which select each topic. Further drop down menus lead the student into supporting information and ultimately to the reference source. The student can learn at their own pace and at a time which will suit them.

When the practitioner feels that they have attained competency in the use of cytotoxics they can take a summative formal exam assessment comprising of a web based multi-choice questionnaire. Individuals are notified of their results by email. The process serves as a teaching and risk management tool to the benefit of patients, practitioners and employers. As a result, there should be a greater awareness of the hazards that can be potentially damaging to the patient and those staff caring for them, and can be used to support the Clinical Governance agenda. The package meets the elements of the UK National Guidance, and is currently being considered by the Department of Health in the UK for training in the National Health Service.

The product is available at an annual licence fee for a named site. The design of the package on CD ROM allows for installation on any computer on the site of the licence holder to enable open access to the package. In trials, however, it has proved of greatest benefit when supported by a local training event. The assessment is available on a web site, and licence holders are issued with the appropriate number of passwords for their trainees. Results are issued to individuals, who are required to enter their details - including professional registration number - at the time of undertaking the test.

CD-ROM Contents:

The package covers many aspects of cytotoxic chemotherapy including:

  • Principles Of Chemotherapy
  • Primary Anti-Cancer Drugs And Their Use
  • Methods Of Administration Of Cytotoxic Drugs
  • Hydration Guidelines
  • Hazards Of Chemotherapy For Patients And Staff
  • Safe Handling And Disposal Of Cytotoxic Drugs
  • Problem Solving
  • Extravasation
  • Prescribing Chemotherapy And Dose Calculation

Price: Single Site License - £250, full price £500 per license.

Cytotoxicity Training and Assessment Cytotoxicity Training and Assessment