Central Peptidergic Transmission

Producer: British Pharmacological Society

This highly interactive program covers the structure and physiological properties of neuropeptides; peptidergic transmission (synthesis, transport, release, postsynaptic action and inactivation); the major methods by which peptides are studied (immunohistochemical, radioimmunoassay and enzyme-linked immunoassay techniques) and drugs affecting peptide-mediated transmission. Each section describes principles and uses the opioids to illustrate them. The program assumes a knowledge of synaptic transmission covered in Synaptic Transmission in the CNS.


Year of production: Revised 2002
Medium: CD-ROM; world wide web
System requirements: CD-ROM version Windows only; internet version both Windows and Macintosh
Price: £75.00 (UK Higher Education only); £250.00 (others). Prices include full multiuser site licence for unlimited copies, tutor’s guide, and telephone support. For internet version price please contact the source

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