Cardiovascular System/Autonomic Nervous System Tutor (v3.0)

Producer: COACS (Commercial and Academic Services), Ltd.

This package, developed at the University of Aston (UK), is an interactive simulation of the effects of the main autonomic nerves and transmitters on the cardiovascular system of an anaesthetised animal. Questions are asked at each stage and progress is dependent upon correct answers being given - although correct answers and further information is provided if questions are answered incorrectly. The package is split into 4 areas: 1. Introduction; 2. Experimental set-up - outlines the methods used to anaesthetise and prepare a rat for injecting drugs, the methods used to record blood pressure and heart rate and the methods used for stimulating autonomic nerves in the laboratory; 3. Parasympathetic nervous system - is split into an introductory module, which guides the student through vagus nerve stimulation and injection of acetylcholine, and an extended module, which includes the use of blockers to distinguish receptor types; 4. Sympathetic nervous system - is again split into an introductory module, which includes injection of adrenaline and noradrenaline compared to stimulation of the cardiac nerve, and an extended module, which distinguishes between adrenoceptor types by the use of blockers. The results of all experiments are displayed as a trace of heart rate and blood pressure.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Available in Windows and web/intranet versions. The Windows version (compatible with Windows 95/98/NT) is supplied on a CD-ROM installation disk and can be installed to a local hard disk or network drive; requires a PC with minimum 100 MHz Pentium processor, 8 MB RAM and a VGA monitor capable of displaying 16-bit colour at 640 x 480 resolution. The web version is supplied on a CD-ROM installation disk for installation to a web server and runs on PC clients only; requires a 200 MHz Pentium processor with 32 MB RAM and a SVGA monitor capable of displaying 16-bit colour at 800 x 600 resolution; it is compatible with both Netscape Navigator 4.x and Internet Explorer 4 or better and requires Java and JavaScript to be enabled on browsers Price: £220.00 (excl. VAT at 17.5% for UK and EU orders, and £20.00 handling charge per order)