Animated Physiology

Producer: Didactic Systems

This computer animated organ physiology software covers the following topics: Cardiovascular system - capillary dinamics, cardiac excitation, cardiac cycle depicted with bar graphs, in real time and in detail, haemodynamics, laminar flow in vessels, flow in parallel and series vessels; Kidney - anatomy, filtration, reabsorption, secretion, clearance, water excretion and clearance, concentration-heat model, concentration locus - short and long versions; Nervous system - action and resting potential, membrane, neuromuscular junction and muscle, synaptic transmission; Respiratory system - respiratory mechanics. Each topical module (chapter) is a self-contained teaching unit (playing time 10-15 mins.). Animated Physiology supplements a wide variety of physiology textbooks and contains about 3 hours of animated instruction. It was developed to assist in teaching time-varying physiological events such as the movement of ions across the membrane, cardiac excitation and contraction, haemodynamics, the countercurrent multiplier, etc., which it presents in a dynamic way.


Language: English, Spanish
Year of production: 1995
Medium: 3.5" disk
System requirements: MS-DOS, Windows, PowerMac; Local Area Networks (LANs) compatible; 30 MB HDD
Price: US$100.00 (individual licence); US$350.00 (5-site licence; additional sites are $50.00 each); on-line demo available on website or can be requested on 3.5" disk (enclose full postal address and indicate the operating system)

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