Anesthesia Simulator v.5

Producer: Anesoft Corporation

The Anesthesia Simulator is a real-time graphical simulator that reproduces the anaesthesia environment on a computer screen. Mathematical models of physiology and pharmacology predict the simulated patient’s response to your management while an automated record-keeping system summarizes the case and an on-line consultant provides immediate management suggestions. It includes 34 cases with general anesthetic problems, and cardiac, neuro, trauma, obstetric and pediatric cases and dozens of anesthetic emergencies. Topics cover: air embolism, anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, carcinoid, diabetic ketoacidosis, difficult airway, intracranial hypertension, latex allergy, pheochromocytoma, preeclampsia, venous air embolism.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Vista. Microsoft .NET Framework, version 2.0, also required Price: US$99.00 (single licence), US$999.00 (institutional licence)

Anaesthesia simulator v5

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