Adult/Adolescent Pyeloplasty Model

Producer: Simulab Corporation

This model is for practicing pyeloplasty, the surgical repair of a ureteropelvic junction obstruction. It can serve as a simulation of either the right or left kidney. 10-packs of replaceable renal pelvises sold separately (RPA-10).

Skill Development:

  • Pyeloplasty training

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaceable renal pelvises allow for multiple uses
  • Can be rotated to simulate either the right or left kidney
  • Lower pole vessels can be removed

Compatible Products:

  • Replaceable Adult/Adolescent Renal Pelvis 10-pack (RPA-10)

Price: $650.00 (catalogue ref. PMA-10)

Adult/Adolescent Pyeloplasty Model

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